Top 9+ Best Semi-automatic Washing Machine In India (2020) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Today, we will show you the Best semi automatic washing machine in India. We know in India maximum peoples are using semi-automatic machine compared to the fully automatic.

We have research 100s of washing machines and select some of the best washing machines in India for you.

We are not wrong if we will say in India peoples likes to wash their clothes buy hands especially women but it's not easy to do now the time is full of technology, so we have options that we can make our life easy.

You will get here all the best semi-automatic washing machine buying guide India.

So when it comes to washing clothes we have the best and very important home appliances.

Yes! And you already know if you are here, See there is two option when it comes to buying a washing machine: 

Semi automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine.

Most of the time one question always comes in peoples mind which is the best washing machine.

That's why

Here we are going to show you and guide you fully about washing machine because we have short-listed all the best-selling washing machine on Amazon.

Features you should check before buying the washing machine

When you are going to buy a semi automatic washing machine you should check these features before buying.


  • Machines body size
  • Technologies
  • Capacity and Service
  • Best brands

Machines body size: This is the first and the most important thing because the machine's size matters a lot in India you should check size before buying that you can easily sift it anywhere according to the space.

Technologies: The newer the technology the best washing machine will work and make your life easy.

Capacity and Service: Yes it's very important to check the capacity it depends on your family members the higher the members the more capacity you need. When it comes to the service you need to know that its parts easy to find.

Best brand: Now it's your choice here because there are many best brands in India it all up to you which brand do you like and trust most. 

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine In India 2019-20

We have selected some of the best-selling semi automatic washing machines in India and here we are going to do complete washing machine review.

List of best semi-automatic washing machines

1. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMPXTL, White and Blue, Center Jet Pulsator)


As we selected the Samsung 7.2 kg semiautomatic top loading washing machine you know Samsung is the most reputed brand in India. This machine is on top of the competition.

Here are some special things about this washing machine.


  • EZ wash tray for versatility
  • Rust-proof for long life
  • Lint filter collector
  • Buzzer and soak functions
  • Air turbo system
  • 7.2 kg capacity

EZ wash tray for versatility: The EZ wash tray comes with Samsung 7.2 kg washing machine it gives you some extra benefits like you can scrub your clothes to clear stubborn dirt like on collar and cuffs.

Rust-proof: You know this feature alone can save your money because it saves your washing machine from rust and if you live in a hot humid place. Its body made by plastic that save it from rust and give it a long life.

Lint filter: Lint filter collect all the separate materials that dropped by clothes fabric like hair and help to keep clothes and machine clean.

Buzzer and soak: Like the name buzzer feature sounds at the end of the cycle that indicates you that all the clothes are now clean. That helps remember your clothes if you forget for any reason.

Soak: Soaking clothes is a nice feature even you can set this according to you, it soaks all the clothes in the washer and free your washtub.

Air turbo system: When you wash your heavy clothes like a blanket and you live in a place where the climate is cold that time air turbo helps you a lot this system works with spin cycle and rotates the washing drum rapidly up and down and draw more air and helps cloths to wash and dry fast.

7.2 kg capacity: It comes with 7.2 kg capacity good for 3-4 members family this is best washing machine semi automatic.

Now let's talk about some pros and cons:


  • Excellent washing performance
  • Amazing air turbo system for heavy clothes
  • Buzzer indication is awesome
  • Price is reasonable


  • Only for medium families

2. Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (SUPER ATOM 7.0, Grey, TurboScrub Technology)


Whirlpool is a well-known brand in India along with all the home appliances brands. 

Now we have selected this best-seller semi automatic washing machine in India.

OK, now let's discuss features this 7.2 kg machine has nice features some awesome features are here below:


  • Inbuilt Memory Auto-Restart to minimize your work
  • 340W  powerful high-efficiency motor better wash 
  • 66L large washtub 
  • Waterproof panel for your safety

Inbuilt Memory Auto-Restart: The benefit of this function is that you don't need to set all the things again when the power cut and comes back washing machine start from the same position where it stopped.

340W powerful high-efficiency motor: 340W motor is very powerful and efficient it makes your washing very smooth and clear because of its powerful motor it rolls all the clothes all over in the washing machine for neat and clean washing.

66 Litter wash-tub: This washing machine has a large washtub with a 66 litter deep wash system that helps you to wash your clothes more clear because of deeper wash and give you chance to wash more clothes at one time.

Water-proof panel: Save your washing machine from an issue stop water to go inside the panel.

This is the best semi-automatic washing machine in under 15,000 Rs.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Inbuilt memory is the best thing to save your work
  • 66 litter washtub for deep cleaning
  • powerful motor for better wash
  • water-proof panel


  • You have to do more work compared to the fully-automatic

3. LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8035SGMZ, Grey)


So here is the LG 8 kg 5 star best-selling washing machine. LG never compromises with its quality that is why we have selected the model for you semi-automatic washing machine.

This washing machine also has some awesome you would love to know so here are some of the best features:


  • Rat away technology for saving the machine from rat
  • Magic wheels with 8 kg
  • 3 Wash program
  • Air dry technology

Rat away: This feature is really awesome not every washing machine has this rat away feature because of this rat can't harm it.

It has a 3 mm plastic body with rat away chemical so don't worry your washing machine will be safe.

Magic wheels with 8 kg capacity: It has 360-degree magic wheels so now you are free you don't need to call anyone for help in sifting the washing machine any other place you are single is enough.

Like one man army;)

This also comes with 8 kg capacity so it is good if you have a large family.

3D wash program: You know why this is a great feature because you can customize this yes you can wash your clothes according to fabrics it has three setups Gentle, Normal and strong.

Air dry: This technology can be very useful for you because it can save your time and it has the power to dry clothes 30% to 40% faster.

Pros and cons:


  • Dry clothes faster than others​​
  • customize three wash program
  • good for a large family
  • Easy to sift anywhere


  • ​​it has not lint collector

4. Whirlpool 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE TURBO DRY 8.0, Coral Purple, 2X Drying Power)


Here we have selected the second whirlpool washing machine and it has an 8 kg capacity good for 5 to 6 members family.

This is also the best-seller washing machine of the whirlpool. This is one of the best washing machines under 15,000 in India.

It has very good features whenever it is  under 15,000 now let's discuss some good features.


  • Turbo-technology
  • 1450 Rpm speed
  • Special handle
  • Big wheels

Turbo technology: you know this technology gives you super-fast dry clothes it almost takes 15 minutes sun-drying for perfect dry clothes.

1450 Rpm speed: It has a high-efficiency motor that gives you the excellent performance on speed up to 1450 Rpm.

Special handle: Whirlpool provides a special handle feature in this washing machine that gives you a superior grip when you sift the machine anywhere.

Big wheels: You will love this feature of big wheels because of this you can easily sift your machine at any place you don't need anyone's help.


Here are some pros and cons:


  • ​​Super time saver
  • easily sift anywhere by a single person
  • One new and amazing handle
  • It has Ace wash station


  • Don't has hard water wash technology

5. LG 6.5 kg 4-Star Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P6510NBAY, Dark Blue)


If you are the lover of LG Brand here is an LG 6.5 kg 4-star rating washing machine and it is one of the bestseller washing machines in LG Brand and it's also under 15,000 price range.

It is very good and useful for small families or bachelors.

It has some amazing features let's discuss some of the best.


  • It has different wash programs
  • Rust free base and Rat-proof body
  • It also has collar scrubber
  • Lint collector for better cleaning

Wash programs: It has three wash programs and you can customize according to your clothes fabrics and the wash program is:

  • Gentle
  • Normal
  • Strong

You can select which is suitable for your clothes.

Rat-proof and Rust-proof: Yes! It has a rat-proof plastic body that polished by some chemical and Rust-proof technology saves it from rust especially if you live in a place where climate is hot and humid.

Collar scrubber: Everyone who washes the clothes and now about washing know that it's not easy to clean dirt from collar that why it has a collar scrubber technology that clear all the heavy dirt like on the collar or cuffs.

Lint collector: It is something that keeps cleaning your washer from dirt it helps to clear all the lints dropped by clothes fabrics or like hairs.

Now here are some of the pros and cons:


  • It is best selling and has 4-star ratings
  • 3 wash customization for a better experience 
  • Rust-proof and Rat-proof technology for longer life


  • No anti-vibration ​​rubber

Look if you want check best fully-automatic washing machine CLICK HERE

6. Godrej WS 800 PDS Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Lilac Sprinkle)


Along with all the Brands we have selected this Godrej 8 kg semi-automatic washing machine.

Godrej is also  well-known name in the Indian market for its built quality and this washing machine has some amazing features.

Godrej electronics is famous in India

Let's discuss some awesome features of this washing machine.


  • It comes with an inbuilt heater
  • 8 kg capacity
  • It has roto-scrub
  • Spin shower
  • Steel drum

Here is the godrej washing machine review.

Inbuilt heater: The benefit of the inbuilt heater is it increase the temperature of the water of the washing machine for a better wash.

8 kg capacity: It comes with 8 kg capacity that it will be good for a large family.

Roto scrub: Roto scrub helps to wash clothes deeper neat and clean.

Spin shower: It has a unique rain shower rinse that helps detergent to mix easily into the machine.

Steel drum: It is the premium feature that makes it special it helps to wash clothes more effectively.

Washing Machine godrej semi automatic is good option if you believe in godrej products


  • An Inbuilt heater that make your work easy
  • Unique rain shower rinse
  • It has a TRi-Roto pulsator
  • Steel drum and also have the rust-proof body


  • ​​It has not wash tub LED

7. LG 7 kg 4 Star Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7015SRAY, Burgundy)


Now we have selected the LG's 7 kg 4-star rating washing machine and this is also LG's one of the most selling washing machines.

Make your life so easy with this washing machine this is the complete package with all the new functions.

Here are some of the best features of this washing machine.


  • It has 7 kg capacity and 4-star ratings
  • Comes with 3+1 wash programs
  • Lint collector and collar scrubber
  • Wind jet dry feature and Soak function

7 kg capacity and 4-star rating: This machine comes with 7 kg capacity good for 5+ members and for a large family. It also has a 4-star rating that's the sign of trust you can go with it.

3+1 programs: Yes this is amazing  it has 3+1 wash programs:

  • Normal
  • Gentle 
  • Strong 
  • Soak

Lint collector and collar Scrubber: Both of the features are very important Lint collector filter collects all the lint that comes out from clothes fabrics after wash and stops them to stuck in drainpipe and collar scrubber clean all the heavy dirt from collar and cuffs.

Wind jet dry and Soak function: Wind jet dry rotate spin tub on high RPM and the air comes into clear all the moisture from washtub and clothes. The Soak system of washing helps to clear heavy dirt from clothes.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • 7 kg capacity with 4-star ratings
  • 3+1 wash programs
  • It comes under 15,000
  • It also has rat away technology


  • It only available in one color​​


8. Whirlpool 9 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE XL 9.0, Full body Grey, 3D Scrub Technology)


Whirlpool provides us 9.0 kg semi automatic giant size washing machine but its really nice for them who have a big family and it is the most reliable washing machine.

Not only size whirlpool also providing you lots of features with this machine.

So if you are living with a large family you can go with it. It will not disappoint you.

So now let's discuss features below:


  • Remove 10 tough stains
  • 1400 RPM spin motor
  • Hard water wash, big size, and big wheels
  • This is the awesome one 3D lint filter

10 tough stains: This machine has three awesome technology

  • 3D pads 
  • Hard water wash
  • 5 wash programs

With the help of these technologies it removes 10x dirt from clothes easily.

1400 RPM Spin motors: Higher spin motor always gives you high-speed drying on clothes even with the heavy load.

Hard water washes, Big size and big wheels: Hard water feature help you to get a better result in washing and this machine is 9.0 kg with big size, and also has big wheels that helps you to sift this washing machine anywhere you want even if you are single.

3D lint filter: It has three unique filtration that wash your clothes very clean in one wash and clears all the heavy dirt.

Now here are some pros and cons:


  • First one its an IF award-winning 2019
  • Water-proof and shock-proof
  • dry fast your clothes
  • three unique filtration and easy to sift anywhere


  • Because of the big size need more space ​​


9. Samsung 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT657QPNDPGXTL, White and Maroon, Double Storm Pulsator)


Now we got this washing machine for you and you know what this is in the best-selling list right now.

It has 6.5 capacity and a very good option for a small family.

This is also is the best washing machine under 15,000 rs. and it also has all the technology that peoples want.

Let's see some quality features below:


  • Durability of rustproof plastic body
  • It also has an anti turbo drying system
  • Lint and buzzer filter
  • Double storm, Soak and scrub board features

Durability: It has a rust-proof body that can increase the life of the washing machine especially if you live in a place where hot and humid climate but because it has the durability of the rustproof and plastic body its looks like new all the years.

Anti-turbo drying system: If you are washing heavy clothes like a blanket or any other heavy one you know it takes lots of time to drying but because of anti-turbo drying system clothes dry fast because during the spin cycle it rotates the drum rapidly and extracts more water from your clothes.

Lint filter and buzzer: Lint filter collects all the lint from your clothes that comes out from clothes while washing and keep clear washtub and save drain pipe from stuck.

Buzzer system: This is something unique it sounds at the end of the wash and gives you the indication that clothes are washed.

Double storm, soak and scrub board: Dual storm system is the powerful dual jet system that moves your clothes all over the drum and help them to wash clean without tangling.

Soaking system is awesome it frees your all the buckets and do the job itself in the washtub by soaking your all the clothes and even you can set the time how much time you want clothes to be soaked.

Scrub board is like you are washing clothes by your hand you can clear heavy dirt with the help of this scrub board.

Now let's go to the pros and cons:


  • Durability that gives the washing machine a longer life
  • This is awesome it sound at the end of the wash cycle like call you
  • Scrub board gives your clothes hand wash feeling
  • You can wash your heavy cloth easily it dries fast


  • Only for small families​​
  • It is not rat-proof

10. Whirlpool 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE SUPREME PLUS 7.2, Coral Red, Ace Wash Station)


Here we are suggesting you the whirlpool 7.2 kg semi automatic washing machine and it comes with a new function Ace wash try if you are going to buy this it's not a bad option.

This washing machine comes with 1000 RPM and ready to use you don't need any kind of installation

Whirlpool is also a well-known brand among all the brands in India ok so now let's talk about this washing machines feature.


  • It has a new feature Ace wash station
  • For multi work multi-use tray
  • Inbuilt scrubber
  • Lint filter
  • It also has an impeller

Ace wash station: No short, stack and carry your clothes on washing machine with the new Ace wash station feature.

Multi use tray: This tray will you help in short, stack and carry your clothes it can handle max 30 kg weight.

Inbuilt scrubber: This well free you from using your hand it clears all the heavy dirt from clothes and make them neat and clean.

Lint filter: It is very important for every washing machine it helps to wash your clothes clear and keep safe washing machine from the dirt that dropped by fabrics.

Impeller: It helps to provide better motion for effective wash.

Below are the pros and cons:


  • ​​Ace wash station the new feature
  • It has 1450 RPM spin speed
  • It also has wheels


  • It don't have a good power consumption.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand is best for semi-automatic washing machine?

There are many best brands are available for best semi-automatic washing machine but here are the top 4 best brands:

  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • LG
  • Godrej

These 4 are the best semi-automatic washing machines brand in India.

Q. Which is the best semi or fully automatic washing machine?

When we talk about the best so both are the best on their place and both has their pros and cons I'm showing you below:

fully automatic pros and cons

PROS: It takes less time, Advance features for clean wash, Inbuilt heater etc. CONS: Expensive compared to the semi-automatic.

Semiautomatic pros and cons

PROS: Mostly used in India, Cheaper than fully automatic, Saves your money etc. CONS: Need manual labor.

Q. When should I buy a washing machine?

I will say if you have urgency to buy a washing machine so you can buy when you want but if you want some discounts and new models then you have take advantage of festivals time and new years time, this time you get more discounts and new models, new technologies and gifts.

Q. How long should a washing machine last?

If we talk about washing machines life so approximately 10 to 11 years life we can say and most of the consumers change their washing machine between 7-8 years because technology is changing every day, Almost every month company release some new technology but if you take care and service your washing machine on time so you can use it 11+ years too.

We ( tried our best to cover all the top 10 semi automatic washing machine in details, We didn't leave anything that you don't know about washing machine almost you know everything about a washing machine if you read this article full and if you have any doubt feel free to ask at


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