Best Fully-Automatic Washing Machine In India (2020) Buyer’s guide & Review!

Hey! If you are thinking to buy a Best Fully automatic washing machine in India so you are in the right place.

Here we will show you all the bestsellers and top-ranked washing machines in India.

And we guaranteed you after this guide you will easily select the best washing machine 2020 that you really deserve.

Hope you remember those days when we wash clothes from our hand and that takes so much time and energy but now the time has changed.

Now we have the most important home appliance Washing Machine.

We know when someone ​​​is going to buy a washing machine lots of questions fill their mind like:

  • What is the best washing machine
  • Which washing machines are the best 
  • Best washer machine etc.

All these kinds of question filled your mind.

Actually! We know it's a common thing when there are lots of variety in the market then confusion state is normal

But you don't worry here we will clear your all the confusion and doubt related to the Best fully automatic washing machine in India 2019/20.

What should you check before buying the fully-automatic washing machine

This is the very important thing if you are going to buy a washing machine you have to know the things that are very crucial for your good purchase and you can see below are some important.

Size and capacity:

Yes before buying a washing machine you should measure the size and capacity according to your bathroom or corridor size that increases washing machines life.

Capacity depends on how many family members you have the more the member the more capacity you need.

The Latest Technology:

Look! Time is changing very fast so technology is changing every day, you should take some ideas before buying about all kinds of features and technology.


Believe me! You don't have to worry because we are giving you all the information about washing machines here.

And if you want know about best washing machine in India CLICK here.

After reading this article you can easily select the best washing machine for you.

You can also help your friends and relatives that they also buy best one like you are going to buy.

We have explained everything in very easy non-technical language that even school going boy/girl can easily understand all the things about washing machine.

Best Brands:

We know brand is the first thing everyone check before buying anything.

YES! In India, many brands provide you all kinds of home appliances for your daily need, and we also have selected all the popular and best-selling fully-automatic washing machines.

OK Let's discuss Best brands in India:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • IFB
  • Haier

  • Samsung: As you know Samsung is a very popular brand in India and it provides almost all kinds of home appliances and electronics items in India and building its trust in people's minds.

    Samsung also provides Indian users a very user-friendly control.

    LG: It is also a very famous brand in India because it has  huge range of washing machines models.

    And also its smart inverter technology is very famous in India it saves almost 37% power consumption.

    Whirlpool: You should know that whirlpool has lots of service care in India more than any brand and it also provides excellent products in India

    Some good feature it has like:

    • Hard water wash
    • Five stars rating
    • Dynamix technology

    Bosch: Bosch is the German brand is known for its build quality and it provides us good quality of top-loading washing machines.

    The Best thing Bosch provides you Eco silent system that reduces noise and vibrations.

    IFB: IFB also an international brand in India and this is the first brand that provided the front loading washing machine to India.

    It also has some cool features like aqua energie and 3D wash.

    Haier: Haier group of the corporation is a multinational home appliances' company. Established in china provide all kinds of products.

    It also provides some cool features like Inbuilt heater.

    Fully-automatic Front Load & Top Load Washing machine

    In the market, you can see there are a lot of washing machines models available but here we will talk about only the best fully automatic washing machine in India 

    Fully automatic washing comes with two models one is front load and the other one is top load here we will talk about both of them and will show the best-selling washing machines.

    Fully-automatic front load washing machines

    OK now let's talk about some facts about the front load washing machine.

    It has both of advantage & disadvantage compared to front load washing machine some are here:


    • You can wash more clothes because of the agitator.
    • It saves more energy compared to the top load.
    • You need less water for washing your clothes.


    • Drying clothes takes less time.
    • You can't add clothes in mid washing.
    • You can't use easily if you have a back pain problem.

    These are some common facts below we will show you everything according to washing machine models.

    Fully-automatic top load washing machines

    In India peoples mostly like to use top load washing machine compared to the front load.

    But it also has some advantage and disadvantage OK let's see some below:


    • You can put your clothes on the top.
    • It has more comfort compared to front load you can use easily even you have back pained no need to bend.
    • You can add clothes in the mid-cycle this is awesome.


    • You need to put more water compared to the front-load.
    • Washing capacity also less because of the agitator.
    • It consumes more power.

    Best fully automatic washing machines in India 2020

    Here we have selected the top best selling Fully-automatic washing machines in India.

    1. Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully automatic top loading washing machine (White Magic ELITE 7.5 10 YMW Grey)

    Best fully-automatic-washing-machine-in-India

    The First one we have selected for you is Whirlpool 7.5 kg washing machine because when you go in the market you can't escape whirlpool appliances.

    This also a Best top load washing machine in India

    It also has awesome features let's see below:


    • Power scrub technology for dirt
    • Hard water wash for adopting
    • 3 easy technology
    • ZPF technology for faster
    • Time reducing technology
    • Spa wash system for the perfect wash

    Power scrub technology: It has loaded with 3 spring technology that gives clothes very neat and clean wash and clears all the heavy dirt.

    Hard water wash: This function adopts the hard water situations and maintain fabrics color and softness.

    Easy tech-steps: It has 3 easy-tech features:

    • Smart detergent 
    • smart lint filter
    • Smart sensors

    Smart detergent calling: This feature senses the when laundry needs detergent and gives you indications.

    Smart lint filter: It removes all lint during the washing.​​

    Smart sensor: This sensor indicates you what your washing machine needs.

    ZPF technology: This technology fills up the washtub 50% faster.​​

    Time deducing technology: It has Express wash features that helps you wash your clothes 50% faster.​​

    Spa Wash: It has spa wash technology that less your clothes tangling almost 40%.



    •  No need to use hand for scrubbing It has power scrub technology
    • Spa wash for less 40% tangling 
    • Easy to use with awesome technology


    • You need more water 


    Yo can go with whirlpool's this amazing 7.5 kg fully automatic washing machine you can buy it, Its available under 20,000 Rs.

    Video on how to use and all the features in details:

    2. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic top-loading washing machine (WA60M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)


    Samsung always proved that they have a great wide range of products in a low budget. They always provide the best quality of products in India and this the Samsung washing machine top load.

    We have selected this best-selling Samsung 6.2 kg fully automatic washing machine with lots of new features.

    Let's go into it:


    • Super clean five steps
    • Rescue your clothes from detergent
    • Keep clothes lint-free
    • The Latest Diamond drum technology for better experience
    • Fast clothes drying technology

    Super clean five steps: It takes only five steps to give you the best ever experience of wash clothes very easy to use.

    Rescue your clothes: You know it's very important to you if you are buying a washing machine because it clear all the detergent from inside the clothes that make your skin safe from itching and also give your clothes a neat and clean wash.

    Lint-free: This feature is not on clear your clothes but also increases your washing machine life lint filter collects all the dirt separate by your clothes like fabric's thread and hairs and clean your clothes and keep washtub clear and drain pipe clear.

    Diamond drum technology: Diamond drum uses in the washing machine is it keeps your clothes safe from the washer surface damages. It's a new technology peoples favorite and very useful.

    Fast dry: Yes! it dry clothes fast and straight from the washer and make your life easy. 



    • First, it has a diamond drum that makes your clothes damage-free 
    • It has a new led display
    • It comes with tempered glass door


    • Only for small family
    • Require a lot of water


    We have cover everything about this washing machine now one thing is clear your all the doubt is clear its 6.2 kg top load washing machine good for small family and the price of this washing machine is under 15,000 Rs.

    How to use video:

    3. Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic front loading washing machine (WAK241618IN, Silver, Inbuilt heater)


    Bosch also is the best brand in India with all the brands and it knows for its superior build quality.

    Why we have selected this for you because it's also one of the best-selling machine in India, and we want if you are buying a washing machines that will be the best fully automatic front load washing machine in India.

    It's a good option for you OK now look at its features.


    • Big drum inside
    • Active water and Speed perfect
    • Allergy plus and Eco-perfect
    • Reload water and Low water pressure

    Big drum: It has a big drum that will help you a lot you can wash maximum clothes at one time and also gives space clothes to rotate fully.

    Active water and Speed Perfect: This is like an AI function it helps you save in water it automatically senses the need of the water by laundry weight and adjust the water level automatically.

    It also comes with speed perfect feature because for this washing machine wash clothes very fats YES it reduces almost 65% of the time.

    Allergy plus and Eco-perfect: Yes we will say that it's a very good feature for you and for your kids because it gives your allergy-free clothes and keeps you safe from any kind of allergy.

    Eco-perfect you will love this feature for sure because it reduces the power consumption and saves you money.

    Reload water and Low water pressure: This is also one of the great feature because it gives you a chance to add more clothes early in the cycle.

    Low pressure: I know some people will fall in love with this feature because of it washing machine can work easily in low water consumption and who gonna love this is peoples who live in a place where water is an issue.



    • It keeps you safe from allergy
    • Good for who live where water is an issue
    • Save money from low power consumption


    • No drying system available


    Bosch is the well known brand now for its strength and it provides full automatic washing machines in wide range but this one we have selected for you comes under 30,000 Rs.

    Video guide on how to use:

    4. IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic top loading washing machine (TL-RDW 6.5 Kg aqua, lvory white, Aqua energie  water softner)


    IFB also in the race for the best fully-automatic washing machine in India is also providing new and latest products in India on a regular basis.

    And we have selected its 6.5 kg washing machine.

    It's also is the best selling in India here its all the features:


    • Auto balance system and Bubble leveller
    • Aqua conserve and Auto voltage
    • Deep clean and Bleach dispenser
    • Tiradic pulsator Crescent moon drum
    • Auto softner dispenser, 3D wash system and Aqua energy

    Auto balance system and Bubble leveller: Auto balance work for no balance clothes give them shape for better wash and the Bubble leveller help in balance to and also help in reducing vibration.

    Aqua conserve and Auto voltage: Aqua conserve reuse the rinse water and Auto voltage monitored voltage ups and down and keep your washing machine safe buy pause and resume the washing itself.

    Deep clean and Bleach dispenser: It has a special hand-free solution to dispensing liquid bleach and it gives you deep and neat cleaning.

    Triadic pulsator crescent moon drum: In Triadic pulsator it has three things Soft scrub, Powerful swirl and mechanical center punch.

    Soft scrub removes all the heavy dirt from your clothes, powerful swirl jet removes all the dirt from every corner of fabrics and the last one mechanical center jet pus all the dirt from the clothes.

    Auto softener dispenser, 3D wash system, and aqua energy:  In this washing machine you will get one nifty compartment box that adds softness in your clothes before you wash them, 3D wash system that adds unique value in washing its soaks clothes in washing time and give you and a better experience.

    Aqua energy: It's an inbuilt feature that dissolves the detergent in the washing machine to give your better wash.



    • Ideal machines for small families
    • IFB best-selling washing machine
    • Built quality is awesome


    • It doesn't have Inbuilt heater


    Best for single or couple comes with all the latest new technology and the price of this fully automatic washing machine is under 30,000 Rs.

    How to use video:

    5. LG 8 kg inverter fully Automatic front-loading washing machine (FH2G6TDNL42, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)


    LG 8 kg fully automatic washing machine it comes with Inbuilt heater and its an LG best-selling washing machine you can go with this if you are looking for a front load.

    Here we are describing Best washing machine in India fully automatic.

    Good for a large family because of 8 kg capacity also comes with some awesome features let's dig into:


    • Auto-restart and Baby care
    • Inverter direct drive and Heater
    • Waterproof panel and child lock
    • Rust-proof 
    • Stainless steel drum

    Auto-start: it's a head-ache free technology because when your power is gone it automatically starts from there where is stopped make your life easy.

    Babycare: It has baby care technology and it increases temperature up-to 95% and it clear all the allergy causes from clothes.

    Inverter direct drive: It has its motor attached with drum and because of this it has very less voice and vibration.

    Heater: In this washing, machine heater can heat the water up-to 95॰ it helps in removing heavy dirt.

    Waterproof and child lock: Now you no need to worry about  this washing machine it has a waterproof panel so now your hand is wet or not you can use this.

    Child lock: Yes! Now you can lock it for the child from the panel for their safety.

    Rust-proof: Rust-proof body gives your machine a long life and keeps your pocket safe and especially if you live in a place where the climate is hot and humid.

    Stainless steel drum: Its drum steels so free from germs, no bacteria and, no rust.



    • Child lock for kids that keeps your settings safe 
    • The Waterproof panel so you are free to use even in the wet hands
    • It gives you hygienic washing


    • The Body is not fully waterproof


    This 8 kg washing machine comes under 35,000 Rs it's a good option for large families and if you lg brand lover you can go for it.

    Video on how to use guide:

    6. Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully Automatic top-loading washing machine (WHITEMAGIC PREMIER 6.5 SD, Grey, Hrad Water wash)


    Now we selected the Whirlpool 6.2 kg washing machine and a very good option for small family or couples.

    You can choose this best fully automatic top loading washing machine in India if you are going to buy a whirlpool washing machine.

    And it has lots of amazing features let's see some of the best.


    • Spa wash
    • ZPF technology
    • Hard water wash
    • 3 magic buttons
    • 6 sense technology

    Spa wash: It is the new feature by the whirlpool spa wash system it gives you the perfect wash and gives you very neat and clean clothes and gives 40% tangle-free clothes.

    ZPF technology: This technology is really powerful its fills your washtub 50% faster even if you live in the low water pressure area.

    Hard water wash: It adjusts the water according to the clothes fabrics and gives you the best washing experience.

    3 Magic buttons: It comes with three simple buttons for the complete wash you can wash your clothes even if you have no experience of washing it makes things very easy for you.

    6 sense technology: This is one of the awesome features we can say you it senses the power voltage and if the power is low it stops the machine automatically.

    It senses the load of laundry and indicate you for the detergent and also senses the load of laundry and adjust the water level automatically.



    • 6 senses technology gives you headache-free washing
    • 3 simple buttons for who never wash clothes 
    • Keep your clothes tangle-free


    • It doesn't have an inbuilt heater


    Whirlpool this fully automatic top load washing machine comes with amazing all the latest technology and it also comes with three simple buttons system just 1-2-3 and clear you all the wash cycle and the price of this washing machine is under 15,000 Rs.

    Video on how to use:

    7. LG 6 kg Inverter fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (FHT1006HNW, White)


    LG brand providing us always new and latest appliances from time to time so here we have now selected the Lg 6 kg best washing machine in India.

    This time we have select LG front load washing machine for you.

    Let's see this front load washing machine's features.


    • Smart diagnosis
    • Baby care and Child lock
    • Auto-restart and Heater
    • Tub clean Stainless steel drum

    Smart diagnosis: Now because of this you can be a master of your washing machine's any problem you just have to connect it with its thinQ app. It will tell you all the problems it can tell you about 86 errors.

    Baby care and Child lock: it has a baby care technology and what you have to do is just keep water temperature 40% to 60% and it clear all the bacteria from detergent.

    Child Lock: It has a feature you can lock your machine from the panel and then be a tension-free mother or father because the setting will not change of washing machine.

    Auto restart and Heater: Auto-restart easy your work because of this feature it automatically stops washing machine when the voltage is low and restart when power is good.

    Heater: Heater helps the washing machine to clear all the stubborn dirt and clear all the clothes.

    Tub clean and Stainless steel drum: It heats waters at 85º C and because of this it removes all the dirt and clear the washtub.

    Stainless steel: It means its rust-proof and anti-germ and you no need to change the washing machine for a long time.



    • You can easily find its problems 
    • Nice technologies for kids safety and health
    • It can save your money


    • It doesn't have wheels


    Lg's this 6 kg fully automatic washing machine comes with smart diagnosis baby care feature if you have little babies in your you home you can go with it and the price range of this washing machine is under 25,000 Rs.

    Video on how to use guide:

    8. Bosch 6.5 kg Fully Automatic top-loading washing machine (WOE654WOIN, White)


    It is the Bosch 6.5 kg washing machine its a really good buying option for a single person or couples.

    You know Bosch known for its build quality and also in the racing for best home appliances in India.

    It comes with 6.5 kg capacity and more others features let's see once.


    • One-touch start
    • dual dispenser and low water pressure
    • Magic filter and Child lock
    • superior aesthetics
    • The Soft closing lid and Power of memory

    One-touch start: See it's like an AI technology because when you fill is washtub it will automatically choose the right program you have to just touch the start button.

    Dual dispenser: It has dual a dispenser and you can keep liquid and powder separate that and it will ensure you for best cleaning.

    Low water pressure: It works really good even in the low water pressure.

    Magic filter: This filter gathered all the lint and hairs from cloths and keep neat and clean your clothes and washtub.

    Child lock: It is for washing machines settings when you enable the child lock then your kids not able to change the settings. 

    Superiors aesthetics: Its panel is very easy to use and comes with 6 color options you can match with your interiors.

    Soft closing lid: Lit is very soft to open and close just keep your hand safe.

    Power of memory: Haha we can say this feature is not Gajni 🙂 it remember everything it starts from the same point where it stopped because of power cut.



    • One touch start make your life easy
    • Power of memory keep your washing safe and clothes clear
    • You can match its panel lite with your interiors.


    • Not for large families


    Bosch is German brand and its 6.5 kg washing machine is fully power pack product you can go for this if you are small family and its comes with 2-year comprehensive warranties and the price range of this washing machine under 15,000 Rs.

    How to use video:

    9- LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (-T7569NDDLH.ASFPEIL, Middle Free Silver)


    Here is the third the LG washing machine we have selected it's a 6.5 kg washing machine and also one of the best-selling.

    If you like LG brand you can go with it but its good only for small family.

    We found some awesome features in this let's check it once.


    • Corrosion resistance
    • Turbo drum and Punch+ 3
    • Rustproof and child lock
    • Smart diagnosis
    • Auto start and turbo drum

    Corrosion resistance: Its motor comes BMC  motor protection and fully covered and has no space for dust and humidity.

    Turbo drum: It enables the most powerful wash and gives the beast wash to your clothes and clean the toughest dirt from clothes.

    Punch+3: It has 3 mini pulsators and one main pulsator punch+3 technology creates a water stream that mixes all the detergent fully and gives you a better experience.

    Rustproof and child lock: Rust-proof features give your washing machine a good life and keep it safe from rust.

    In the panel, there is a setting you can enable that after that setting will not change if any kid touches that panel.

    Smart diagnosis: It's a feature for you even it can save your money you just have to connect your phone with the SmartThinQ app and will show you all the problem related to your washing machine.

    Auto start: It start automatically when the power goes off so you need to worry about the switch on or off.

    Turbo Drum: Turbo drum enables its super power for washing and clears all the dirt from clothes.



    • Save your time and money buy its connected app 
    • Keep safe panel setting by enabling a child lock
    • Rust proof its mean long life


    • No water heater available


    Lg 6.5 kg washing machine is the best-selling washing machine in India if you want 6.5 kg washing machine it's the best option for you its gives you advance cleaning and the price range of this washing machine is under 20,000 Rs.

    Video on how to use guide:

    10. DMR 46- 1218 Single tub washing machine with steel dryer basket (4.6 kg-Blue)


    Why we have selected this one because this one is Best selling washing machine in India.

    It is a 4.6 kg washing machine with steel dryer basket and it is a good one for single person or students.

    Let's see it's features:


    • Energy and cost-efficient
    • High grade plastic
    • Clockwise
    • Ergonomic knobs
    • semi transparent

    Energy and cost-efficient: This washing machine use very less electricity because of its mini size it only consumes 240 watt power and it also washes your clothes in less time.

    High grade plastic: It has very high grade plastic that is rust proof and unbreakable so you can use it for long time

    Clockwise: This 4.6 kg washing machine uses clock and anti-clock washing cycle that  gives your clothes very neat and clean wash it also gives washed clothes rinse and clear all the detergent from the fabrics.

    Ergonomics Knobs: It only comes with two knobs one knob for wash and spin selector and the other knob is for wash and spin timer both work very well and wash clock and anti-clock wise.

    Semi transparent: We know here we are talking about fully-automatic but this 4.6 kg washing machine is semi-automatic and it also has semi transparent lid that you can easily watch your washing clothes in machine. 

    Check here if you want to buy the best semi automatic washing machine in India.



    • Its 4.6 kg single tub very good for students and individual person
    • Use less electricity and less water
    • Rust proof give it long life
    • The best one is under 5000 rupees


    • Only good for a single person
    • Dryer is not so useful


    This is the smallest and low cost washing machine available in India if you are student or single so this is the best washing machine for you and the price of this washing machine is under 5,000 Rs.

    How to use video:

    Wrap Up


    Here we show you all the best fully automatic washing machines according to bests selling and popularity.

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