Top 10 Best Single Door Refrigerators in India (2020) Buying Guide & Full Reviews!

Hello! We all know the value of refrigerator, and we think you remember that day also when peoples uses mud pot for fulfil their cold water requirement.

But now the time is changed and technologies changing every day, Now we have other options available on of that we have Best single door refrigerator in India and it is the best home appliances for cold water not only for water it also provides many facilities to us.

Don't say you want to take something from this fully refrigerator πŸ™‚

Sorry don't take serious I am just kidding as you are my reader maybe I can fun with you.

Ok now straight to the point now we know the actual value of the refrigerator because without refrigerator your kitchen is not complete.

Refrigerator has lots of qualities just think about summer once and importance picture will come clear in our mind.

But when you go for buying a refrigerator there are many types of refrigerator in the market like you will see: 

  • Single door refrigerator 
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Triple door refrigerator (Multi door)
  • Side by side refrigerator

But as the topic we will cover only best single door refrigerator in India.

NOTE: Dear readers we are giving you every refrigerator's full in details guide so you can easily understand about every feature the refrigerator has that makes you easy to choose the best one for you even you can help others, So we have explained about all fridges features even they repeat again "n" again.


Best single door refrigerator in India 2020

Now we will show you the top 10 single door refrigerator in India 2020 with the in details review and buyer's guide.

We are trying our best that this article cover your all the answers and you can easily select the best refrigerator single door for you.

1. Samsung 212 Liters 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22M272ZS8, Elegant, Inox) 


This Samsung's single door direct cool refrigerator has 212 liters capacity and 3-star rating it is suitable for 2 to 3 family members and it comes with one year product and ten-year compressor warranty.

We know the main motive behind the refrigerator purchasing is to keep your food fresh and provide you chilled water facilities and this refrigerator complete your all the requirement because it provides you enough space.

You can keep your variety of food fresh for the long duration it comes with more awesome features we will cover below.

And we are trying that we cover all the features and technologies that help you to choose best features that suits your requirement.


  • Stabilizer free zone
  • Super freeze zone
  • Big bottle guard
  • Vegetables box and Fresh Room
  • Anti-bacterial gasket and Key hole in the handle
  • Toughened glass shelves


Stabilizer free zone: Stabilizer free operation is Samsung's latest feature that ensure you don't need to spent extra money on stabilizer because it comes with special compressor that saves your refrigerator from power fluctuations.

Super freeze zone: This refrigerator comes with super freeze zone with the help of this freeze zone you can make your own ice snacks or you can make your ice creams.

Big bottle guard: It comes with big bottle guard and you keep your big bottles or max bottles it this without using extra space.

Vegetable box and Fresh room: Special strong vegetables box helps you to keep your vegetables fresh for the long time and its also comes with extra fresh room feature where you can keep your dessert, milks or you want and it maintains the freshness and coolness for your dessert or milks.

Anti-bacterial gasket and key hole: The anti-bacterial gasket prevent your refrigerator from any kind of fungus and germs and keep your refrigerator fresh and it also comes with safety key hole feature in your refrigerator's handle.

Toughened glass shelves: We know you feel worry when you keep max food or any kind of heavy food your refrigerator but with this refrigerator you don't need to worry it comes with 150 kg weight safety.



  • Super freeze zone you can make you desserts. 
  • Stabilizer free zone saves your money.
  • You can keep big bottles without using extra space


  • Only good for small families.
  • It comes with single color


If you are looking for Samsung's refrigerator and you are single, couple or three member family so this the best  deal for you grab this Samsung's 212 liters 3-star rating refrigerator it will complete your all the requirements and the price of this fridge is under 15,000 Rs.

2. LG 190 Liter 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B201ASPY)


This 190 liter single door direct cool refrigerator LG's one of the best-selling 5-Star rating refrigerator in India.

Its unmatched smart inverter compressor performance amaze you when you its power saving results and super silent operation performance and its good option if you are Lg brand lover and have small family and you get best lg refrigerator vegetable tray india

The smart inverter compressor LG is providing for superior performance it designs to give you best results in extra savings, Silent operation and the one of the best is stabilizer free operation that free you from extra stabilizer purchasing means save money too:)

OK so now let's cover it's all the features see which is suitable for you:


  • ​​Its β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹Star ratings
  • Smart connect  
  • Moist 'n' Fresh
  • Fastest in Ice making
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Anti-bacterial gasket


Star ratings: This refrigerator comes with 5-Star ratings and the means of star rating is the higher the ratings the more efficiency refrigerator has so the more is rating the good is refrigerator.

Smart connect: Smart connect is an awesome feature it keeps fresh your food what you have to do is just once connect your refrigerator with inverter and whenever power goes off it automatically connect with inverter no need to manually connection.

Moist 'n' Fresh: The moist 'n' fresh feature keep fresh your unwrapped foods it sealed by some gaskets that maintain the moisture in vegetables box and keep them fresh for longer time.

Fastest in Ice making: It is the new feature Lg direct cool refrigerator has and this feature works very well it makes ice in just 108 minutes we can say this is an amazing function specially for those who live in place where climate is hot they can take advantage of this technology. 

Stabilizer free operation: This is an awesome feature that save your money and ensure you that you don't need to spent extra money on stabilizer it automatically maintains the power fluctuations.

Toughened glass shelves: It comes with toughened glass shelves and it can hold your heavy foods easily you can keep almost 175 kg weight without worry.

Anti-bacterial gasket: The antibacterial gasket keep safe your refrigerator from fungi and germs and because of this food keep fresh for longer periods.



  • This refrigerator is fastest in ice making. 
  • Its shelves can hold almost 175 kg weight.
  • Smart connect feature automatically connect with inverter when power goes off. 


  • Single color available.
  • It doesn't come with stand or drawer.


Lg's this 190 liter single door direct cool refrigerator is a 5-star ratings' refrigerator it gives you awesome performance  it saves your money complete all the requirements of a small family don't think so much if you like lg brand it would be an excellent decision for you and the price of this refrigerator is under 20,000 Rs.

3. Whirlpool 190 Liter 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 3S CLS)


Whirlpool's this single door refrigerator comes with direct cooling and 190 liters capacity suitable for small families and it also provides you one year on product and 5 years of compressor warranty.

This fridge has one special function that helps you a lot it comes with preinstalled 6th sense advance technology and this technology gives you 9 hour extra cooling retention during the power cut.

So it keeps your Food and vegetables fresh for extra 9 hours without any power that's really amazing if you live in place where power is unstable so this the best choice for you.

In this refrigerator whirlpool providing many other awesome features (technology) you just continue reading we are covering all of that below.


  • ​​Wired shelves & Pocket handle
  • Jumbo bottle pack & Chiller
  • Easy manual defrosting
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Large vegetable crisper & Large freezer capacity
  • Advance moisture slider
  • Anti-Removable basket


Wired shelves & Pocket handle: The benefits you will get with this wired shelves is, it provides you extra space and if you are going to buy refrigerator you know the value of space and it also has this amazing pocket handle to of the fridge door that gives a slick stylish look to the refrigerator and you can easily clean your refrigerator.

Jumbo bottle pack & Chiller: In summers what you need most from your refrigerator is water and it completes your this requirement with its jumbo bottle pack you can easily keep three 2 liters bottles and Chiller comes below the freezer box and you can keep canes and milk packets for more optimum cooling.

Easy manual defrosting: We know this is the worst thing manual defrosting but this refrigerator ensures you hassle defrosting along with effective cooling.

Stabilizer free operations: This is the most important feature whirlpool is providing you it saves your money you don't need to buy an extra stabilizer it automatically maintains the power fluctuation.

Large vegetable crisper & Large freezer capacity: If you are a food lover, so we know you need extra space for vegetables and this large vegetables crisper ensure you that you never run out of space so you can keep your max favorite vegetables and Large freezer capacity with its ice tray give you max space in the freezer.

Advance moisture slider: You know it comes with a unique moisture slider and it helps you to maintain optimum moisture and keeps fresh your vegetables for longer time.

Anti-Removable basket: So as you know the anti-bacterial basket saves your refrigerator from fungi but in this refrigerator it comes with removable function you can clean it when you want and reuse it.



  • It gives you 9 hours extra cooling retention  
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Anti-removable basket


  • This is not frost free
  • Not a good option for large families


We think now you know everything about this refrigerator (fridge) it is suitable for small or medium families and it has almost all the latest technologies everyone wants you can go with this if you like whirlpool products and it comes under 15,000 Rs.

4. Haier 170 Liter 3 Star direct Cool Single Door Rferigerator (HRD-1703SR/HRD-1703SR-E)


Haier's this single door refrigerator comes with direct cool and 170 liters capacity and whirlpool is providing one year on product and five-year compressor warranty.

This refrigerator has a one unique feature that makes it a unique and stylish fridge and the feature name is Leather finish cabinet it's a scratch resistant too.

We have talked about its one leather cabinet feature but it also has more awesome feature we will share below keep reading whole information about this refrigerator.


  • ​​Stabilizer free operation
  • Diamond Edge freezer technology
  • 3-Star rating and Bottle space​​
  • Anti-Fungal Gasket
  • Door Lock - Efficient operation


Stabilizer free operation: This stabilizer free operation saves your money because this feature finish extra stabilizer need you don't need to buy extra stabilizer it handles all the power fluctuations.

Diamond Edge freezer technology: Haier's this refrigerator has diamond edge freezer technology and this technology ensures you that your ice remain same in the freezer and it also maintains the cooling for giving your best result.

3-Star rating & Bottle space: It comes with 3-Star rating that means it saves your money and maintains the power consumption and when we talk about bottle space it has large bottle space you can keep your big bottles easily.

Anti-Fungal Gasket: The Anti-fungal door gasket stops the fungal entry in the refrigerator keeps your refrigerator clean and safe.

Door Lock & Efficient operation: Door lock helps you in many ways if you have door lock in your refrigerator you can move your refrigerator anywhere no fear that anything fall down and other refrigerator is safe from small kids and its Efficient operation provide you powerful performance.



  • Its unique leather finish design.
  • Diamond edge technology
  • Efficient operation for powerful performance.


  • Only Maroon color is available
  • Its back is not covered.


Haier is a trustable company and if you want a affordable refrigerator than it's a good option for you, You can go with this refrigerator it has almost all the technologies and some feature that make it special when we talk about its price it comes under 15,000 Rs.

5. Whirlpool 190 Liter 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 Roy 3S, Wine Fiesta)


This direct cool single door refrigerator comes with 190 liter capacity and suitable for 2-3 members family, For this refrigerator whirlpool is providing 1 year on product and 5 year compressor warranties.

It has the fastest ice making technology that gives you fast cooling and maintain the coldest temperature and the main benefit you will get from this feature in hot summer.

Whirlpool is providing unique advance moisture slider in this refrigerator to you, it maintains the optimum moisture in your fridge's basket that's keep your vegetables fresh for long time like these feature it also has many more features let's cover them below:


  • ​​Large freezer capacity & Extra drawer
  • Save money with stabilizer free operation
  • Vegetable box & Jumbo bottle rack
  • Toughened glass & Stylish look
  • 9 hour Cooling retention​​


Large freezer capacity & Extra drawer: The large freezer capacity and the ice making tray ensure you can make ice snacks and utilize best of it and the extra Drawer in the bottom of the refrigerator gives you extra space to keep your vegetables in it like potatoes and onions.

Stabilizer free operation: This is your money saver and refrigerators life saver feature it has inbuilt stabilizer because of this you don't need to buy any extra stabilizer it maintains all the power fluctuations.

Vegetables box & Jumbo bottle rack: You also get separate vegetable box you can keep your vegetables in this box it keeps fresh them for the long time and in the jumbo bottle pack you can keep three 2 liters bottle and five 1 liters bottle so there will be no lack of chilled water.

Toughened glass shelves & Stylish look: Now you don't have to worry about weighted foods you can keep as much weight as you want it has toughened glass shelves and its latest and stylish design makes it amazing  with your home.

9 Cooling retention: The peoples who live in place where mostly power goes off they know the value of this feature, Whirlpool's this refrigerator providing you 9 hour retention features which helps it to maintain the cooling extra 9 hours after power goes off.



  • 9 Hour cooling retention makes it special. 
  • Extra drawer at the bottom gives you extra space for vegetables
  • Save money with stabilizer free operation


  • When you defrost water collect behind.


Whirlpool this refrigerator comes with all the new technology hope you read it full and satisfied with this refrigerator is a money saver fridge go with it yo want for small family and price of this refrigerator is under 15,000 Rs.

6. Godrej 190 Liter 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (R D EPro 205 TDI 5.2 PRL WIN)


As you all know Godrej is a well reputed brand in India known for their products best quality and this is godrej's single door direct cool refrigerator and it comes with 190 liter capacity and 5-Star ratings, and they also provide you 1 year on product and 10 year compressor warranties. 

When we talk about this fridge's quality one thing sure its unbeatable this refrigerator is award-winning refrigerator in 2019 its India's most energy efficient refrigerator and awarded by BEE government of India.

Not only this quality its has more technology (features) like this we will talk about all one by one below:


  • ​​Vegetables tray & Door lock
  • Special 24 hour retention
  • Anti-Bacterial removable gasket
  • Aqua space & Aroma Lock
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Large chiller tray & Runs on home Inverter


Vegetables tray & Door lock: The vegetables' tray of this refrigerator is the largest segment means if you always need extra space it is good for it provide extra space in vegetables tray and Door lock feature keep safe fridge from unnecessary opening by kids.

Special 24 hour retention: This refrigerator has an amazing stay cool technology that gives you 24 hour retention it means the refrigerator stay cool even if there is no electric power for one day it keeps your food fresh whole day.

Anti-Bacterial removable gasket: Almost every refrigerator comes with anti-bacterial gasket but not with removable gasket you can remove its gasket for wash and use again it keeps safe refrigerator from fungal helps in providing fresh food.

Aqua space & Aroma Lock: It comes with aqua space so you can keep your big bottles in this refrigerator up to 2.25 liters easily and Aroma lock  feature allow you to lock the delicious freshness for your food.

Toughened glass shelves: The toughened glass ensure you that you can keep up to 120 kg weight on its shelves and it can manage easily.

Large chiller tray & Runs on home Inverter: This refrigerator has large chiller tray it helps you to keep max foods in this and five 1 liters bottles and this refrigerator is capable of running on any home Inverter. 



  • 24 hours cooling retention. 
  • This is 2019 award-winning refrigerator.
  • It has five colors available.


  • Only small families. 


We hope you like this award-winning refrigerator and it provides you all the awesome features and the 24-hour retention cooling is amazing technology, It comes with five colors and the price of this refrigerator is under 15,000 Rs.

7. Whirlpool 190 Liter 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 Roy 3S, Wine Fiesta)


Whirlpool this direct cool singal door refrigerator is suitable for a small family and it comes 190 liters capacity, It also has 3-star rating with one year on product and 5 year compressor warranties.

This refrigerator comes with the fastest ice making technology which helps this refrigerator to maintain its coldest temperature and you should utilize its fastest ice making technology in summer.

It also has more amazing features below we will cover all the features:


  • Easy manual defrosting
  • Honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Two ice tray & Chiller
  • Removable Anti-bacterial basket
  • Large vegetable crisper


Easy manual defrosting: Its easy defrosting system ensure you hassle free refrigerator use and long effective cooling.

Honeycomb moisture & Lock crisper cover: The honeycomb moisture feature is very important feature in this refrigerator because its helps keeping food and vegetable fresh and lock crisper cover maintain optimum moisture in vegetable box.

Stabilizer free operation: We call this money saver and refrigerator's life saver feature it maintains all the power fluctuations and ensure you that you don't need to buy extra refrigerator.

Two tray & chiller: This refrigerator comes with two trays that gives you quick ice cube and its chiller tray available below freezer box that provide optimum cooling for cans and milk packets.

Removable Anti-bacterial basket: Anti-bacterial basket you can see in almost every refrigerator but in this refrigerator it gives two quality in one first it keeps your refrigerator fungal free and second its removable you can wash and clear it and reuse it.

Large vegetable crisper: Its large vegetable crisper gives you extra space to keep your max vegetables easily and this vegetable box comes with one advance moisture slider which maintains the optimum moisture in vegetable box keep them fresh.

Glass shelves: The heavy glass shelves ensure you, that you can keep your heavy Food easily you don't need to worry and it also comes with pocket handle top of the door that make sit stylish and helps you clean your refrigerator easily.



  • The jumbo space for water bottles. 
  • Removable anti-bacterial basket.
  • Stylish pocket handle top of the door.


  • No auto defrost system.


Whirlpool this direct cool single door 190 liters refrigerator is an excellent option for small and medium family and the price range of this refrigerator is under 15,000 Rs.

8. Haier 52 Liter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HR-62VS, Silver)

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Haier's this innovative mini refrigerator is one of the best-selling refrigerator right now it comes with 52 liters capacity and obvious it's a single door direct cool refrigerator.

This awesome mini refrigerator has 3-star rating and 1 year on products and 5 year on compressor warranties, Cooling system also good but it cools slower than compared to the large refrigerator.

It's a special refrigerator for students and office propose give all the facility and take less place and price also very affordable below we will share full details review below.


  • More storage & More space
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Low noise & vibration compressor
  • Sleek yet powerful
  • Recess handle & Ice zone
  • Energy rating & Anti-fungal gasket


More storage & More size: If you are thinking it's a mini refrigerator that doesn't have much space so you wrong it has enough that you can keep your water bottles, foods and dairy products for singals and students it's a wow option. 

Stabilizer free operation: It's a money saver refrigerator saving your money with its own cost and from extra stabilizer feature no need to buy extra stabilizer with it.

Low noise & vibration compressor: This refrigerator has 32 dB  compressors that helps it, In less noise and vibration so take your sleep hassle free.

Sleek yet powerful: This sleek and mini refrigerator provide you powerful performance.

Recess handle & Ice zone: Recess handle ensure you that you can easily open or close your refrigerator and sure it's a mini refrigerator but it also has a freezer that provide you ice on time:

Energy rating & Anti-fungal gasket: 3-Star rating ensure you that this refrigerator consumes less power and it's anti-fungal gasket keeps it fungal free.



  • 52 Liters capacity is good.
  • Mini but also has a freezer.
  • Save your money with stabilizer free operation


  • Only for single and students.


Haier's this mini innovative fridge has almost all features and technology that large refrigerator has and if a single person or for office this is the best option and the price of this refrigerator is under 7,000 Rs.

9. Whirlpool 190 Liter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S BLUE-E)


This single door direct cool Refrigerator provided by whirlpool in 190 liters capacity along with three more colors and company is providing 1 year on product and 5 year on compressor warranty it's a suitable for small family.

Its 9 hours cooling retention feature make it special for peoples who are facing problems related to electric power they can go with this awesome refrigerator even blue color making it very stylish.

Whirlpool's this refrigerator comes with extra bottle space that you never miss chilled water you can keep three 2 liters bottle and five 1 liters bottle easily it has more amazing feature.


  • Wire shelves
  • Larger freezer capacity
  • Easy manual defrosting
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Removable Anti-Bacterial Basket
  • Large vegetable Crisper
  • Advance Moisture Slider


Wire shelves: β€‹They tried their best to give you max space and this wire shelves helps you to give you max space that you can keep maximum foods.

Larger freezer capacity: It comes with large freezer box and its capacity gives you more space and ensure you that you never miss out buy space. 

Easy manual defrosting: In every single refrigerator this is the thing no one like manual defrosting but this fridge make it easy its easy defrosting feature gives you a hassle free experience.

Stabilizer free operation: The stabilizer free operation is the best way to save your money in home appliances this technology ensure you that you don't need to spent extra money on stabilizer.

Removable Anti-Bacterial Basket: β€‹β€‹β€‹It has the antibacterial removable basket so you can keep clean your refrigerator as much you want because it stops fungal and if you want clean it you  can and reuse it.

Large vegetable Crisper: Give your refrigerator a vegetable fully look because its large vegetable crisper box ensure you, that you can keep your all favorite vegetables at one time in your refrigerator even if you can't go for buying vegetables daily it helps you to store and also keep them fresh.

Advance Moisture Slider: This is something Whirlpool is providing you it helps to maintain the optimum moisture in vegetable box.



  • Stylish blue color make it fabulous 
  • 9 Hour extra cooling retention.
  • Jumbo bottle pack.


  • Only small and medium family can go with this.


This refrigerator's stylish look and color feels very premium and the technologies it has awesome if recommend this refrigerator to you, it would not be bad it completes all the requirements and the price of this refrigerator is under 12,000 Rs. 

10. Samsung 192 Liter 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR19N1Y12/HL/RR)


Samsung's this direct cool single door refrigerator comes with 2-star ratings with one year on products and 5 years compressor warranty and suitable for small families and design of this refrigerator is crown design that makes it super stylish.

This refrigerator comes with plain back it means you can clean your wash refrigerator there are no hassle with this fridge.

If you are going to buy a refrigerator always look for stabilizer free operation that save your money and keep it safe from power fluctuations, It has other most important features we will explain below:


  • ​​Anti-fungal Gasket
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Vegetables box​​
  • Energy saving


Anti-Fungal Gasket: We can say if you don't have Anti-Fungal Gasket in your refrigerator you are not safe this helps you most from fungal that increase the germs.

Toughened glass shelves: If you want to keep your refrigerator full from food or you keep, Toughened glass is what you need the most and this refrigerator comes with up to 150 kg weight strength that ensure you your safety.

Vegetable box: It comes with strong vegetable box cover so you can keep your vegetables easily without any hassle.

Energy saving: This is what feels good to everyone because it maintains energy consumption that saves your money its 2-star rating ensure you about energy saving.



  • Money saver Stabilizer free operation
  • Ant-fungal gasket
  • Mange the weight up to 150 kg


  • It doesn't come with bottom drawer.


This refrigerator comes with 192 liters capacity suitable for small and medium family and stabilizer free operation make it special and if you like Samsung brand you can go with it and price of  this refrigerator is under 13,000 Rs.

Best single door refrigerator buying guide

Today if we look each and every home in India we don't think so there will be any home that don't have refrigerator.


Now you can imagine the value of this home appliances this is the most valuable appliances this time and there are many types of refrigerator is available in the market.

So it's not easy to select the Best one for you but here we will guide you what you have to look in fridge if you are going to buy a single door refrigerator in India.

Mostly in India peoples are using single door refrigerator because they are affordable and now they also have all the latest technologies but you should know many things about refrigerator like below capacity image.


Best Features of Single Door Refrigerator

Single door refrigerator is the most usable refrigerator in India maximum families use this refrigerator and it comes with lots of awesome and latest technology we will cove all the most important technology below.

Stabilizer Free Technology

In-built Stabilizer free technology this is the most important technology you should check because this technology save you money and safe your refrigerator from power fluctuations and you don't need to but extra stabilizer.

Inverter Technology

​​Technology is changing very fast, and now new generations' refrigerator comes with new Inverter compressor technology this technology work with refrigerator like breath it can run on different speeds according to the refrigerators load and it is very power efficient. 

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Technology (BEE, Star Ratings)

The refrigerator comes with BEE technology it means refrigerator is good power efficient The higher the star the more refrigerator is power efficient some refrigerator comes like they use energy less than LED bulb. 

Advantage and Disadvantage of single door refrigerator

Single door refrigerator has its own advantage and disadvantage you should know these below:


  • These refrigerators are very affordable
  • Single door refrigerator use less space
  • It comes with two different compartments


  • ​​Manual defrosting is necessary in this refrigerator
  • Mostly they are only for small and medium families


Best Refrigerator Brand in India

Brand is the most important thing for everyone even we this the all peoples watch before buying anything and its also to look for a good brand it ensures you about products quality and life there are many brands in India but here we will talk about only best refrigerator brand.

List of the Brand in India:

  1. Samsung
  2. Whirlpool
  3. LG
  4. Haier
  5. Godrej

Every brand has different technology and every brand has it benefits and drawback now its depends on you which one you choose.

This is I'm going tell for whose questions i got most.

Refrigerator price in kerala, so i would tell you don't go with the price go with the requirement you can get lots of variants in different prices according to your need.

Frequently asked questions


Q. Which brand's refrigerator is best?

We have mentioned all the brands' refrigerator you just have to choose which ones suit you and which brand you trust most.


Q. How many star rating is best for you?

Star rating show you refrigerators power efficiency its means the higher the star the more refrigerator power efficient.


Q. How much capacity refrigerator you should buy?

It depends on you and your family members we have shown you above a picture about which capacity choose you.

Wrap Up


We have shown you all the best single door refrigerator in India with all the features and latest technology with price now we hope you got your all the answer and if you have any query left you can comment or email at


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