10+ Best Washing Machines In India (2020) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Today I'm going to help you to choose the best washing machines in India 2020, I guaranteed you after following this guide you can easily select the best washing machine and the awesome thing even my relatives use this guide to buying their washing machines.

NOTE: All the dear readers we know a normal person is not familiar with the technical language. So we have tried our best to explain all the things in a very simple non-technical language so every person can easily understand all the things about washing machine and easily can decide which washing machine should they prefer after this guide one thing is sure you would be able to understand all the things and functions about the washing machine.

Nowadays For peoples, washing machine is a very essential home appliance.

It's not that time when peoples wash clothes by their hands and now they also don't have that much time or power that required for washing clothes by hand.

In this time you can find many best home appliances in the market and also with lots of variety and if you are thinking which is best washing machine in India here we are giving you all the answers.

One of the best home appliances is the washing machine and when you go to buy I'm sure you would be confused because there are lots of variety for washing machines available in the market.

But you Don't worry when we are here to clear your all the confusion about washing machines, and we will show you all the features in technologies in details.

Believe me,

There are four types of washing machines available in the market Front Load, Top Load, Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic and choose the best washing machines can be a little tough for you but after this guide, you will choose easily.

What I'm going to show is the best washing machines in India 2020.

The Feature you should check before buying the washing machines

Below we are talking about some essential features you should check before buying a washing machine.

Body shape and Capacity of washing machines

So why we are talking about the body shape or Size and you already know that it depends on you because the bigger the size the more space it will cover and the more you have to take care of the washing machine.

This is also is the most important thing if you are buying a new washing machine you should also know the capacity of the washing machine.

And again,

It also depends on your family members and Below you can see the table and understand which capacity (Model) you required:

  • If you are 1 or 2 members you need 5 kg capacity or Less
  • If you are 3 to 4 small members' family you need 5 or 7 kg capacity
  • If you are 5+ members large family you need 8 kg capacity or more
Best washing machines in India

You can also check Best semi-automatic machines.

Power efficiency and service

Now we are talking about power efficiency you should always check the power efficiency of the washing machine because it will decide what will be the electric city bill.

How you are washing your clothes regularly basis or one or two times a week describe what will would be your cost of washing.

Washing machine is a costly home appliance if you use on daily basis it can increase your electric city bill.

How you wash your clothes can save you money.

Service also is a very important thing for every buyer so before you buy any washing machine you should check the customer care or service center of that brand you are buying.

You also know this very well if the service is good everything is good.

Best Washing Machine In India 2020

After lots of research by popularity and reference, We have selected the top  washing machine models for you that will help you a lot in your future purchasing.

List of to ten washing machine

1. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing machine (WA62M4100HY//TL, Imperial silver) 

best washing machine in india

When it comes to buying home appliances Samsung brand name always comes in our mind.

The best thing about this washing machine is its very budget friendly and the other thing is the brand name, It assures you that how will be the quality of this product.

Now we will show you why we have selected this Samsung 6.2 kg washing machine below you can see all the features in details.

 Best features 

  • Advance Clothes care and cleaning
  • Easy to open and easy to view
  • Soft on clothes
  • Almost dry from the washer
  • Easy cleaning and filtration
  • top load washer fresh

Advance Clothes care and cleaning: The Samsung 6.2 kg washing machine's latest wobble technology provides your clothes extra care and while still do excellent washing performance.

The different structure of its latest wobble technology gives it washing flow from all over the sides that stop complications, twists and clean clothes with its extra fighting capabilities.

Easy to open and easy to view: The Samsung company releases its Samsung WA62M4100HY 6.2 kg washing machine model and the design they provide is open and close very smoothly and silently you can't expect any voice or bang there.

This washing machine also provides you tempered glass window feature so you can easily view your washing clothes without lifting the cap of the washing machine.

Another benefit is its tempered window is fully resistant to scratches and damage so it will be very useful for last long.

Soft on clothes: This is the awesome feature you are getting with this washing machine and the feature is Diamond Drum feature this is the soft and smooth design diamond shaped its very gentle to your clothes

Best washing machine in India top load, It's also helped to protect your clothes fabric's damages.

Almost dry from the washer: It,s air turbo drying system approximate the moisture from your clothes and keep your clothes lightweight and almost dry from the washer! even you also don't need iron on some clothes.

It's air turbo system not only dry your clothes but also dry washer tub that keeps your and your clothes life in top state.

Easy cleaning and filtration: Its's magic filter store all the dirt and particles that come out from your clothes, so it keeps your clothes cleaner and keep drainage safe.

Top load washer fresh: It's awesome Eco tub clean technology makes you happy because it keeps your machine top load washer fresh you don't need to wash from any chemical.

You don't have to worry about cleaning it will notify you automatically when needs cleaning.



  • Elegant blue LED display

  • Nice Eco tub technology

  • The Diamond drum feature

  • Powerful filtration


  • Not for Large families

2. Bosch 7 kg (WAK24168IN, Silver, Inbuilt Heater) Fully Automatic Front Load Washing machine


Bosch 7 kg is the ideal washing machine for who loves the latest technology and its build quality is excellent.

Bosch is also well known in the market for its build quality.

This washing machine really has good features.

Best features 

  • Warranty
  • Super 15
  • Speed Perfect
  • VarioDrum
  • AntiVirbration

Warranty: Company believes in its products build quality. They claim it up to the mark that's why the company ensures you own their products.

Super 15: This feature tells about its washing quality 15 minutes of washing can keep your clothes very clean and fresh.

Speed Perfect: You can't neglect this feature because this feature gives you freedom. By this feature your laundry is done by up to 65% quicker.

VarioDrum: varioDrum feature, gives washing machine a different and unique washing system function that helps to wash clothes very clearly and gently. This technology gives you the best user experience.

Anti-Virbration™: The design of this washing machine gives it stability and minimize the noise. So you can easily do other work in less noise.

Best washing machine in India under 25000 all these features makes it  awesome washing machine.



  • Build quality is very nice.

  • Wash your clothes up to 65% quicker.
  • Anti-vibration

  • Unique design


  • Parts part not easy to find

3. IFB 6 kg fully Automatic Front Load washing machine (Diva aqua SX, Silver Inbuilt Heater, Aqua energie water softner)


Now we have selected the IFB 6 kg washing machine for you.

If you are going to buy a washing machine so obviously you have heard before about IFB Brand name.

Basically IFB is the best company in India when we talk about home appliances. This is very old and trust able IFB Industries Ltd is an India-base company.

It is also the Best washing machine in India front load.

So here we are going to show you why you should choose this washing machine keep reading below is your answer with full features.

Best features

  • Aqua Energie
  • Laundry add
  • 2D Wash system
  • Ball valve technology
  • Crescent Moon Drum
  • Auto balanced system
  • Super warranty with the wide service network

Aqua Energie: Aqua energy is advance technology that breaks calcium in minute crystals and reduces limescale, saves energy, saves cost.

Laundry add: This is one of the great features I think because it's common when we wash clothes sometimes we forget some clothes.

So for that this washing machine has a feature of laundry add because of this feature you have to just press the pause button in mid cycle and wait for the signal in the led panel after that just drop your other clothes.

2D Wash system. this feature of the washing machine circulates all the water in the drum and because of this all the detergent mix in the clothes and wash your clothes better. 

It saves your detergent and washes clothes better.

Ball valve technology: The float ball valve lets the water lets the eater out while the detergent in. this saves your detergent and helps t wash clothes better. 

Crescent Moon Drum: In the IFB washing machines, you get The crescent moon drum feature this is the soft inner part of washing machine that creates a gentle surface that saves your clothes from damage.

Auto Balanced system: As you can guess this feature by its name, yes this feature automatically balanced all the unbalanced clothes and maintain their shape for a gentle and stable wash. 

Balance clothes help washing machines for better washing.

Super Warranty with wide service network: IFB washing machines built for long-lasting, and they also provide 4-year warranty and 10-year spare parts supports.



  • It saves energy and cost.  
  • 2D wash feature saves detergent and washes clothes better
  • The Auto balanced system maintains balanced save time and give gentle wash.

  • Super warranty with wide service


  • Expensive to purchase

  • Not good for who has back problem

4. Bosch 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAB16060IN, White, Inbuilt heater)


This is the Bosch 6 kg washing machine after review the Bosch 7 kg now we have selected the top-selling Bosch 6 kg washing machine.

The first thing that attracts us for this washing machine is its build quality.

Best features

  • Water perfect
  • Multiple water protection
  • VarioDrum
  • PreWash
  • Active Water
  • Foam detection system to remove excessive foam
  • Speed perfect
  • Hygiene
  • Easy ironing
  • Inlay display

Water Perfect: This washing machine is equipped with an inbuilt heater it uses a method for washing clothes where it takes 55 liters of water with 800 rpm spin speed.

Multiple water protection: Bosch washers have the leak protection float in the bottom of the washer and also have the special hot and cold hose that stops the water if that leak in the hose. 

This work very well and it's very useful for them who live on the upper floors.

VarioDrum: varioDrum feature gives the washing machine a different and unique washing system function that helps to wash clothes very clearly and gently. This technology gives you the best user experience.

Prewash: Nowadays washing machines comes with a lot of features and the one is Prewash this is an extra cycle comes with washing machines and it uses at the beginning of the washing clothes.

It is very useful for those who have kids in the house. This will have you a lot.

Active water: Active water is the an awesome feature like we are 😉 it adjust the water level according to the washing load.

It removes all the stuck dirt in the wash drum by hot water and give your washing machine a long life and gives you an awesome washing experience.

Foam detection system to remove excessive foam: Washing machines create foam while washing clothes and that create a poor washing experience.

But this washing machine has a foam detection system that detects all the foam from the washing machine and give a rich experience.

Speed perfect: We can say this is also one of the awesome feature when you are in hurry and you want to wash your clothes fast you can choose Speed perfect this technology will wash your full load clothes in just one hour.

When you have time there's no hurry so you can choose its Eco perfect feature for clothes washing.

Hygiene: It avoids all the germs in the washing machine keeps your washing machine neat and clean.

Easy ironing: Easy iron is a cycle that saves your clothes by using lower spin speed and because of this washing machine wash clothes and they need less ironing.

Inlay display: The Bosch washing machine has an inlay display feature because of this you can easily see the washing cycle of the washing machine.



  • Avoid germ keep it safe

  • Multiple water protection
  • Inlay exciting feature


  • Customer care service

5. Samsung 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine ( WW60M206LMW/TL, White, Inbuilt Heater)


Everyone knows about the Samsung Brand this is the most popular brand in India now we have selected the second-best front load Samsung washing machine 6 kg.

Samsung brand earned Indian market trust buy its products quality and service care.

 Its also one of the Best washing machine in India under 30000.

Here is some great feature of this washing machine.

Best features

  • Saves time
  • Fabric care
  • Smart work
  • Ceramic heater
  • Safeguard

Save time: Its quick washes program is the best answer to your all time-related problems for clothes.

This feature wash your clothes very carefully and very quickly and save your time.

Fabric care: This washing machine has a unique feature that design with soft curls that protect your clothes from damage and give a neat and clean wash.

Ceramic heater: Ceramic heater is an in-build heater that adjusts the water temperature for good washing and gives clothes neat and clean wash.

Smart work: It's trustful and durable this washing machine have a digital motor that saves its energy and control all the noise and gives it a long-lasting life.

Safeguard: This machine also has a volt saving function when there is a lack of power for washing machine its automatically protect the washing machine life.

Its automatically on or off the washing machine according to the power voltage.



  • Save time on a smaller load

  • Gentle fabric care

  • Work smart it's durable & trustful

  • Ceramic heaters efficient for longer


  • The capacity of weight is not so high

6. Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.5 10YMW, GREY )


Whirlpool is an established company in India to provide all kind of home appliances and give rich quality experience in their products.

Here we have selected the whirlpool 7.5 kg fully-automatic top-loading washing machine.

Here are some key feature in this washing machine:

Best features

  • Power Scrub Technology 
  • Hard Water Wash
  • Spa Wash System
  • Easy tech
  • ZPF Technology
  • Express Wash
  • Dynamix Technology
  • 5 Star energy rating

Power scrub technology: This washing machine comes with three spring-loaded technology that washout all the heavy dirt from clothes.

Hard water wash: In this feature washing machine adopt the washing situation and maintain your clothes life.

Spa wash system: This system gives your clothes 40% more rich quality and keeps your clothes tangle-free because of its drum combination.

Its drum has fewer holes according to other washing machine that gives your clothes soft and clean wash and there is no doubt if we say this is the best washing machine in India top load.

Easy tech: In the easy tech it also has three feature:

  • Smart detergent recommendation
  • Smart lint filter
  • Smart sensor

Smart detergent recommendation: This feature automatically according to the clothes load gives you an indication for the detergent.

Smart lint filter: It makes your life so easy when it automatically keeps your clothes lint-free in the washing machine.

Smart sensor: Now you no need to worry because this sensor automatically shows the indications for low voltage and low water.

ZPF technology: Now this technology is like everyone wants in their life because it saves your time and fills your washing machine tub 50% faster than any other washing machine.

Express wash: Like the feature name it washes your clothes 50% faster and saves your detergent, energy and time.

Dynamix technology: This technology is a must-have for every washing machine because this feature reduces all the detergent from clothes.

5-star energy rating: This washing machine comes with a 5-star rating and a 10-year warranty.



  • 5-Star energy rating and 10 year warranties

  • Easy technology with three features
  • Power scrub technology
  • Save your time make life easy


  • Customer care service

7. LG 8 kg Five Star semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine(P8035SGMZ)


Now we have selected the Lg 8 kg semi-automatic machine when it comes to home appliances Lg always best in the league.

Lg always tries to keep their customer happy and provide 5-star rating products.

Now here is some key feature of Lg 8 kg semi-automatic washing machine:

Best features

  • Magic wheels
  • Lint collector 
  • 3 Wash program
  • Collar scrubber
  • Wind jet dry
  • Auto-restart
  • Soak technology
  • Rat away technology
  • Roller jet pulsator

Magic wheels: Every woman will love this feature because it comes with 360-degree magic wheels.

Now you can move your washing machine anywhere without anyone's help because of its 360-degree magic wheels. No need to put so many efforts just drag and change the place where you want.

Lint collector: Lint collector clears all the lints while washing the clothes without stuck anywhere.

3 Wash program: Now your all the clothes fabrics are safe because this washing comes with three different wash program:

  • Gentle
  • Normal
  • Strong

You can change the wash program according to your clothes fabrics.

Collar scrubber: Everyone knows the place in clothes where dirt stuck collar and cuffs but with help of collar scrubber you can save your time and efforts. 

Wind jet dry: This feature saves your washing machine and clothes life it reduces the moisture from clothes and removes water from the tub.

Auto-restart: Auto-restart feature restart washing machine from the same position where power was gone in the middle of clothes washing.

Soak technology: This feature helps in losing the tough dirt particle from clothes that not easy to clear.

Rat away technology: Lg gives its best technology for best use and they have given rat away technology in this washing machine.

This washing machine has 3 mm strong plastic and rat repellent chemicals that saves your washing machine from rats.

Roller jet pulsator: This helps clothes to remove dirt for the best quality experience.



  • Rat away technology
  • 3 wash programs
  • 5-star rating
  • Magic wheels


  • Pulsator motor usually found in fully-automatic

8. Samsung 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT655QPNDRP, White and Purple)


So now we have selected another semi-automatic washing machine for you and the brand we have selected is the well-known name in the market.

It is the Samsung 6.5 kg semi-automatic top load washing machine.

It has a lot of awesome features I will share with you below.

Best features

  • Air turbo drying system
  • Durability ( Rustproof plastic body )
  • Easy to move ( Big wheel )
  • Scrub board and Soak
  • Double storm and Lint filter
  • Buzzer and EZ wash tray

Air turbo drying system: This technology is pretty cool for you because it saves your time and dry clothes faster.

When you wash your heavy clothes like blanket then this technology helps you a lot. During the spin cycle, the air turbo system rotates the drum rapidly and indus2 helps them dry faster.

Durability ( Rustproof plastic body ): If you live in a hot and humid environment then rustproof durability will give your washing machine a long life.

This Indus2 washing machine body comes with plastic that keeps it safe from rust and gives a clean look for long years to come. 

Easy to move (Big wheels): Now you don't need anyone to move your washing machine from one place to another because it comes with big wheels so you can easily sift your machine where you want.

Scrub Board and soak: You can say about this feature is that you are washing your clothes by your hand.

Scrub board wash scrub your clothes like you wash from your hand and clear all the collar and cuff dirt and give your clothes a longer life.

By the Soak feature you can presoak your clothes it can remove much strain. You can also set the time how much time you want to soak before wash.

Double storm and Lint filter: It's a powerful dual storm system that moves your clothes in the drum and gives them a clean wash.

Lint filter: Lint filter is very useful in the washing machine it collects all the materials that separate from clothes and help in the neat and clean wash.

Buzzer and Easy wash tray: This washing machine also has this awesome Buzzer feature when all clothes clean by wash cycle it sounds at the end.

Like it giving you an indication that your all clothes are clean now and it saves your time you don't need to stay with the washing machine.

Easy wash tray: We can call it one extra benefit with this easy tray you can save water and wash your heavy dirt clothes like shirts collar.

pros and cons


  • Rustproof plastic body

  • Extra feature easy wash tray

  • Save your power easy to move

  • Air turbo drying system


  • Only for small families

9. Whirlpool 9.0 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE XL 9.0 KG, Full Body Grey, 3D Scrub Technology)


Now we have selected the Whirlpool 9.0 kg semi-automatic washing machine for the large families.

Whirlpool also is a famous brand in India in home appliances.

This machine comes with a lot of cool features and has lots of 3D technology.

Here are all the cool features:

Best features

  • Waterproof and shockproof panel
  • 3D turbo impeller
  • 3D lint filter
  • 1400 RPM spin motor
  • 3D scrub technology
  • Hard water wash
  • Removes 10 tough stains
  • Big size wash
  • iF design award

Waterproof and shockproof panel: Now you are free to sift your machine anywhere you want because this machine comes with waterproof and shockproof technology.

So need to worry from rain or shock use fearlessly.

3D Turbo impeller: 3D turbo impeller gives washing machine triple motion and that help to wash clothes more effectively.

3D Lint filter: 3D lint filter has three unique filtrations that caught all the dirt from clothes three-time and gives them a neat and clean wash.

It's very useful because of this feature clothes need only one wash.

1400 RPM spin motor: The high spin motor speed the more it will ensure you for drying fast even with the heavy load.

So it can be very crucial for you if you are in hurry and want dry clothes fast it will help you a lot.

3D scrub technology: 3D scrub technology help your clothes to wash clean even with the heavy loads it's spring has 3D scrub pads that clear all the dirt when clothes rotate up and down.

Hard water wash: This system help to wash clothes clean even with the hard water condition.

Removes 10 tough stains: This washing machine has 3D pads, 5 wash program and hard water wash feature with the help of these it can remove 10x dirt from clothes easily.

Big size wash: With the help of 3D scrub technology this machine can wash big size clothes or multiple clothes effortlessly.

So you can easily wash multiple clothes in on time.

iF design award: This washing machine is the winner of iF coveted design award 2019 in all the competitions and also have 5 years warranty.



  • 3D scrub technology

  • Multiple clothes wash in one time

  • 2019 iF design award-winning

  • Waterproof and shockproof


  • Little vibration in screen 

10. Haier 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing machine (HWM58-020S, White)


Now in the top 9+ best washing machine in India's list finally we selected the Haier 5.8 kg fully-automatic top load washing machine.

Haier company is known for the most affordable home appliances in India they provide all kinds of home appliances in high quality and affordable prices.

So now we have selected this 5.8 kg washing machine its very suitable for bachelors and small families.

Here are some awesome feature you will get with this washing machine:

Best features

  • Stainless steel drum
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Memory backup
  • Auto power off
  • Rust free body
  • 700 Rpm
  • Wash programs

Stainless steel drum: This machine has a stainless steel drum that is very good for better washing and the upper part of the drum has some holes that help for cleaning lint and dirt.

Self-diagnostic: This washing machine has a self-diagnostic function we know lot of people don't know about this feature but this feature work for liquid balancing ring and for soak system and some other functions.

Memory backup: This is a really cool feature that restarts your washing machine in the same zone where it was before power cut.

So no need to do all the things again.

Rust-free body: This washing machine has a rust-free body it will increase your machine's life. If you live in a place where the environment is hot and humid there it will save your washing machine from rust.

700 RPM motor: This also has 700 rpm motor that spinning speed will be good and it can wash your clothes fast and save your time.

Wash programs: it has 6 washing programs you can customize according to your comfort.



  • Very good for bachelors or small family

  • Price also good

  • Almost all the feature you need

  • Rust free body for long year life


  • Not for big families

Fully-Automatic Vs Semi Automatic Washing Machine's Guide

There are two kinds of washing machines model available in the market. If you are going to buy you get to know this.

Let's discuss both model.

Fully-Automatic Washing MachineFully-Automatic washing machine make your life so easy in the laundry.

Best Fully-Automatic Washing Machine in India if you want know in detail about best fully-automatic washing machine check here.

It saves your all the time and your all energy even you don't need to do anything after you put the clothes in the machine and all the work done by itself.


There are a lot of features but some top features are here:

Best-fully automatic washing machine in India you can check here in details about best fully-automatic washing machine.

Express wash: It helps you wash your clothes by almost 30% to 50% faster.

Fabric care: Now no need to worry about clothes because it gives your clothes neat and clean wash and fabric care.

Pre-wash: This feature works in the beginning and saves you from the second wash.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: It is a good option for those peoples who don't have any time problems and if you are looking for semi-automatic machine you can check here the best semi automatic washing machine in India.

The one more thing about the semi-automatic machine is its cheaper the fully automatic and also a good option for middle-class families. 

It comes with two tubs one is washtub and the second is rinse tub.

Washtub where you wash all the clothes.

Rinse tub is where you dry your clothes.

In the semi-automatic washing machine, you have to work manually like you have to add water and detergent and set the frequency by self and also drain dirty water by yourself.


Semi-automatic washing machine that also has a lot of features and some are here.

These are the common feature almost every semi-automatic washing machine has:

Easy to move: Yes easy to move because every semi-automatic has this feature now and because of this feature it's easy to sift anywhere even on single women can move it where she wants.

Scrub Technology: This technology is easy for your hand work it helps to wash heavy dirty clothes and like a collar, cuffs.

Rust-proof: This feature gives your washing machine a long life especially if you live in a hot humid environment.

Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machine

In India, people prefer top-loading washing machine more than front loading and in the abroad peoples is opposite of this they use front load more than top load.

But nowadays Indian people also going for front load because front load comes with fully automatic.


Maximum Top-load washing machine that Indians are using is semi-automatic and they use by self because you have to do many things when you wash your clothes, you have to put water, detergent and set the frequency manually.

The other side when we talk about Front-load its comes with fully automatic nowadays Indian also going to prefer this because it less time consuming and doesn't need manual labor use to less water less power.

But it expensive according to the semi-automatic top-load washing machine and both have some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Washing machine

Now days world is going with technology and here we are talking about advantage and disadvantage of washing machine.

Washing machine is the most important home appliance in toady's world in the old days peoples wash their clothes by hand-wash and that takes too much time and efforts but now days when its comes to washing clothes we have washing machine.

Washing machines has its own advantages and disadvantages Below we are sharing some.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Semi-Automatic Washing Machine



  • Self-service 

  • Save cost

  • Affordable
  • Manually labor


  • Limited features


Self-service: When it comes to self-service words says it all in semi-automatic you have to do everything according to you and its advantage you wash your clothes according to fabrics or color if there is white cloth you put water and detergent according to you.

Save cost: Yes it helps you save cost it takes less power because of its rinsing cycle it washes clothes very fast save the power.

Affordable: The Semi-automatic washing machine is affordable because of its price. Price is very less compare to fully-automatic.


Manually labor: Yes we know it's a benefit but it also has a disadvantage too because you have to do many things for washing your clothes in semi-automatic and it's a disadvantage if your body is not active.

Limited features: The Semi-automatic washing machine has limited features then fully automatic although the feature it has is good and enough.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Fully-Automatic Washing Machine



  • Easy to use

  • Features

  • Time-saving


  • Expensive

  • Power consumption


Easy to use: This is the awesome thing about this washing machine its very easy to use you don't need to do many things manually it gives you the best result automatically.

Features: When it comes to the features fully-automatic is unbelievably awesome.  It has a lot of features like Auto Pre-wash, turbo-drum, Inbuilt Inverter technology, and all the others.

Time-saving: Everyone wants to save their time nowadays and full-automatic dose that it saves your time once you start the process of washing everything done by itself you are free;)


Expensive: yes this is the disadvantage of a fully-automatic washing machine it's expensive compared to the semi-automatic although it has good features according to the price.

Power consumption: It uses more power compared to the semi-automatic.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which washing machine is better lg or Samsung?

I would say both are good and popular but peoples mostly prefer lg washing machine whenever Samsung is less expensive and has many good features like Double storm and Lint filter and easy wash tray.

Q. How do I choose a best washing machine?

You can choose easily only you have to look for some features like:

First you have check their ratings is it five star rated or less mean energy efficiency is important.

Size : You have to think about size before buying because that decide how much laundry you can do in one time.

Spin speeds: Spin speed decide how clear it will wash your clothes.

And you can look for good wash programs that helps you to use washing machine in better and easy way.

Q. Is 6 kg washing machine is enough?

It's not about 6 kg washing it's about your requirements for a small family or couples its suitable size and if you have 4-5 peoples in your family you can go with above 7 kg or if you have a large family then you go above 8 kg I have explained in details it above you can read.

Q. Which brand of washing machine is best?

There are many good brand's washing machines are available but the most popular brand in washing machine is LG, It provides you all the latest technology in affordable price and consumer survey says that although there are more brands like Samsung, whirlpool, haier etc. but is best in India.


We have tried our best to help you hope you like it and if you have any question feel free to ask

Share and help others 🙂

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